Novexx nieuwe naam Avery Dennisson Industrial Print & Apply

De Possehl & Co. mbH groep nam onlangs de Industrial Print & Apply activiteiten van Avery Dennisson over en bracht die onder in het nieuwe bedrijf NOVEXX Solutions. De dienstverlening blijft hetzelfde. De industriele etiketteeroplossingen van Avery Dennisson gaan naadloos over in die van Novexx Solutions. Het nieuwe bedrijf is wereldwijd actief. Op de FachPack in Neurenberg zal het voormalige onderdeel van Avery Dennisson zich voor het eerst als Novexx Solutions presenteren.


Effective June 01, 2015, NOVEXX Solutions enters the market as a new and yet globally recognized supplier of industrial identification and labelling solutions.

The former Avery Dennison business line Industrial Print & Apply (IPA) has been active for around 50 years, and supports customers worldwide with first-class industry solutions along the supply chain.

Effective June 1st, this business will operate in several countries around the world as NOVEXX Solutions.

“The new Novexx Solutions will continue to focus on creating sustainable added value not only for its existing customer base, but also for any new customer who chooses to work with us”, says Managing Director Manfred Borbe, summarizing the NOVEXX Solutions philosophy.

Building on a strong foundation, NOVEXX Solutions provides more flexible structures that pave the way to new innovations and make the experienced company even more appealing to customers.

NOVEXX Solutions is now part of the global L. Possehl Group of companies.
“As a group of companies that is successful worldwide, Possehl believes strongly in the potential of the Novexx Solutions Group”, says Dietrich Barsch, Managing Director Possehl SME Investments. The excellent market conditions for NOVEXX Solutions made our decision to make a long-term investment very easy.”


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