Gebo Cermex optimaliseert haar krimpwikkelaar

Gebo Cermex heeft haar VersaFilm krimpwikkelaars uit 2010 verder doorontwikkeld waardoor een betere handling op hoge snelheden mogelijk is en een verbeterde verpakkingskwaliteit ontstaat. De vernieuwde machines bouwen voort op haar sterke punten, zoals het modulaire ontwerp en geoptimaliseerde doorlooptijden van slechts 10 weken. Met de nieuwe machines is het nog makkelijker om over te stappen op een ander formaat en het onderhoud en energieverbruik zijn aanzienlijk verminderd, aldus de fabrikant.

Op de Drinktec beurs zal Cermex de nieuwe machine presenteren. Deze is uitgerust met een nieuw vacuüm toevoertafel en een meerbaans krimptunnel.
(Drinktec Munich - 16 september tot 20, 2013, Hal 6, stand 340)




Improved seamless shrink-wrappers from Gebo Cermex

Gebo Cermex has upgraded the VersaFilm seamless shrink-wrappers family (introduced in 2010) and now offers better handling at high speeds and improved pack quality with multi-lane applications. Building on the initial strengths of the range, such as its modular design and optimized lead times of just 10 weeks (standard machines only, not including run-in), Cermex has introduced new developments to increase the machine’s efficiency. It is now even easier to change formats, and maintenance time and energy consumption have been significantly reduced. At Drinktec, Cermex is unveiling a new machine equipped with a new vacuum infeed table and multi-channel shrink tunnel.



A new vacuum table for film infeed, with automatic reel changeover using a patented Dual Injection System (DIS) for high-speed shrink-wrapping. Up until now, all the shrink-wrappers in the VersaFilm family were equipped with a compact table, with an injection system for medium speeds and a vacuum system for high speeds. Now, Cermex has completely re-engineered its vacuum table to make film handling even more fluid and to facilitate maintenance on high-speed lines. On the new table, the cutting module is equipped with DIS and is completely separate from the vacuum module for film infeed.


More fluid film handling

High-speed film infeed with guaranteed safety, reel changeovers without stopping the machine, automatic adjustment to variations in film thickness (from 20 to 80 microns), and a high tolerance to different film grades (recyclable or biodegradable polyethylene film) all contribute to more fluid film handling. The output is now 120 cycles per minute depending on the product collations and batches.

Simplified maintenance Both the table and vacuum module are extractible to provide easier access to the machine and machine components such as the knife. The belts can be replaced more quickly and their service life has been extended, making general maintenance much simpler.


An optimized shrink tunnel

Cermex was also firmly resolved to take on another challenge: improving shrinking for packs, in particular for multi-lane applications. The solution? A new generation of tunnels, with hot air circulation that can be adjusted based on the specific product format: height, collation and number of lanes. The operator can adjust the blowing height in each air channel, and the inter-channel spacing and individual air flow can also be set in a snap. The result is higher quality film shrinkage around each batch and a big reduction in energy consumption. With its new hot air channels, the tunnel is fully modular and can operate with single, dual or triple lanes. The air flow has been optimized for application as close as possible to the pack, and energy transfer and temperature settings are completely controlled to save energy. New adjustment systems with screws and Siko counters mean work can be performed on the machine without opening the shrink tunnel side panels, for safer machine maintenance and controls.


Reel holder with expandable mandrel

In its 2010 version, the VersaFilm range was equipped with a reel holder composed of two rollers per reel. The designers at Cermex wanted to eliminate any risk of pinching inherent to such a system and also speed up the reel changeover process. They have been successful on both scores. First, the extractable rollers have been replaced with mandrels in order to eliminate any risk of pinching between the reel and the support rollers, thereby increasing operator safety. Second, the original asynchronous motor has been replaced by a servo-motor to improve dynamic functions and provide better film feed controls (no tension) and better film usage at the end of the reel.

Building on the strengths of the basic platform The modular architecture of the VersaFilm range keeps it one step ahead of the competition. Industrial optimization for each module has resulted in top-quality response times coupled with cost efficiency. The componenents and parts are highly standardized, meaning even better cost controls and optimized maintenance. Right from the design phase, machine maintenance has been kept simple. Most of the transmission chains have been replaced by servo-motors, and the chains which remain are now maintenance-free. The infeed and lapping belts and many of the modules are easy to dismantle, improving work conditions for operators and reducing format changeover times.

The table (injection or vacuum infeed) and reel system are easily extractible and fully accessible. The high-precision factory settings mean that no adjustments need to be made by the operator, regardless of the film thickness (between 20 and 80 microns). Another exclusive feature offered by Cermex is the Dual Injection System (DIS), which can automatically change the reel without stopping the machine. The injection system with patented independent dual heads keeps reel changeover time to a minimum, making it easier to avoid any bottlenecks upstream in the process.

The patented SFR regulated flow selection system is one of the biggest advantages offered by the VersaFilm range. The conveyor corridors and selection fingers are easy to adjust, ensuring repeatability and big time-savings when changing formats. Operators can quickly obtain a return on investment when they have 3 different formats to process on the same machine, ranging from 55 to 124 mm and from 25 clto 3 liters.

One last feature that has also been a big part of the VersaFilm range’s success: its high-performance Human/Machine Interface. The HMI provides access to all the machine settings in real-time, including motor data displays and controls.


The VersaFilm adventure continues!

The design teams at Cermex are already busy at work on the innovations of tomorrow. In the 3rd quarter of 2013, new functions will be offered on the market: motorization of adjustment points (totally integrated with automation architecture) and tapered screw adjustments on the machine to make format changeovers even easier. This innovation will cover all the adjustment points on the machine, including the air channels and flaps in the shrink tunnel. The housings are also being upgraded to improve operator safety even further.


See the VersaFilm range at Drinktec (Munich - September 16 to 20, 2013): Hall 6, booth 340


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